We don’t live separate from the world, held apart – we live within it, in all of its struggles, beauty, messiness, and realities.  How we care for our world, our environment, the people in our lives and the people we don’t yet know, reflects God’s love by making us instruments of God’s grace.

Our mission is to fortify all to live as children of God, and we welcome the opportunity to “Breathe New Life” through our gifts of time and financial contributions.

Both spiritual and financial giving sustains the living body of our church so that we can offer a safe space for worship, reach out to care for our community and our world, and lift up those who are in need through prayer, resources and support.

We invite you to join our community and ask that you prayerfully contribute your time, talents and financial support in any and all ways that that will sustain us as a community of faith, with hope and love at our core. Whether you’re giving your time and talents, raising your voice in song, or contributing financially, we thank you for your generosity and support of the work of our community.


Give securely online through a check or credit card, and as a one-time or recurring gift.



Each worship service includes a time of prayer and thankfulness for our blessings, with an opportunity to give as we pass the offering plate.


Rejoice Lutheran Church
3413 Lowell Lane
Erie, CO 80516


We accept gifts of property, assets, and bequests. To share your plans and hopes for these gifts, please contact the office to discuss ahead of time.
Phone: (303)-828-3953